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Should I remove Wintool.exe?

remove-wintool.exe Wintool.exe is an executable file that starts a certain process or launches a program on the computer. Though the regular users may consider it a legitimate and important Windows program, in fact, wintool.exe is not a part of the Windows OS setup. More importantly, malware developers often use this executable to disguise their malicious products and sneak them into the computers easier. Then, this executable can run predetermined processes without raising the victim’s suspicion. Usually, malware that this file executes is placed under the C:\Program Files directory, though it may as well be hidden somewhere completely unexpected, this way, obfuscating the removal. Nevertheless, wintool.exe file can be seen running in the Windows Task Manager, so you can terminate it from there and continue with the computer scan using antivirus or the manual system investigation. You can also recognize the problematic file from the recurring Wintool.exe error. Either way, if you find this program anywhere on your device, you should remove Wintool.exe without delay.

Wintool.exe is mostly designed to deploy cyber parasite’s components on the infected device or to run its destructive payload. Even if the file does nothing suspicious, its presence indicates that your computer is infected with a particular threat. The analysis conducted by cyber security professionals shows that almost a 100% of the wintool.exe file examples that were submitted to the antivirus scan were recognized as a potential threat. However, you should remember that the filename does not define the processes this file can initiate, so, wintool.exe can turn out to be a legitimate part of the operating system or legitimate software. Therefore, you should always carefully check the file before deleting it. It may not be related with malware, but can be required by your essential programs to work properly. Not to make such unwanted errors, trust Wintool.exe removal for the automatic antivirus tools, such as Reimage.

Where did this file come from?

Wintool.exe file does not come from nowhere. As we have already mentioned, it usually arrives on the computers together with Trojans, viruses, malware and, in rare cases, legitimate applications. The malicious programs reach computers via spam emails, corrupt ads, and links, but most of the time, they come bundled with other popular software. Users do not always pay much attention to the installation process, and that’s how the potentially unwanted programs like wintool.exe are admitted to the computers unknowingly.


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