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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
virus (noun)
archaic - venom
a) the causative agent of an infectious disease
b) any of a large group of submicroscopic infective agents that are regarded either as extremely simple microorganisms or as extremely complex molecules, that typically contain a protein coat surrounding an RNA or DNA core of genetic material but no semipermeable membrane, that are capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells, and that cause various important diseases in humans, lower animals, or plants , also - filterable virus
c) a disease or illness caused by a virus
something that poisons the mind or soul - the force of this virus of prejudice V. S. Waters
a computer program that is usually hidden within another seemingly innocuous program and that produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs and usually performs a malicious action (as destroying data)
Glosbe Dictionary:
  • Malware that replicates, commonly by infecting other files in the system, thus allowing the execution of the malware code and its propagation when those files are activated.
  • (pathology, microbiology, virology) A submicroscopic infectious organism, now understood to be a non-cellular structure consisting of a core of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat. It requires a living cell to replicate, and often causes disease in the host organism.
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