Iwebs.site virus removal

Why is it dangerous to use Iwebs.site search engine?

iwebs-site-redirect-virus-advertises-this-search-engineAlthough it seems that Iwebs.site search engine is just a typical search tool that hardly differs from Google, remember that first impressions can be misleading. It appears that Iwebs.site virus is closely related to this Iwebs search engine, and it is considered to be a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Therefore, if this URL pops up in your browser automatically, there is no doubt that it has been compromised by this browser-hijacking program. It is not malicious, but please do not keep it in the system. It might cause redirects to strange third-party websites and send pop-up ads for you, which can link to untrustworthy Internet pages that you definitely do not want to visit. Besides, we have discovered that the site that Iwebs.site redirect virus promotes has no links to Privacy Policy or Terms of Use pages, which makes it look suspicious. Instead, it provides hundreds of shortcuts leading to various websites and also some ads.

We do not think that you should count on this search engine. Even if it states that it provides Google search service, you should know that these results are likely to be customized and filled with third-party links. We do not say that all third-party sites are untrustworthy and cause danger to your computer system but remember that some of them can try to convince you to install useless software, fake updates or even malicious files, so it is better to stay vigilant and not agree to install software from suspicious sites. If you are unsure whether this search engine is reliable, better do not use it. You can get rid of it by using an anti-spyware tool like Reimage, but you can also try to find programs and browser extensions related to it manually. To remove Iwebs.site hijacker manually, follow instructions we have prepared for you. Full Iwebs.site removal guide is provided under this post.

How did you infect your PC with this program?

Browser hijackers are not viruses, and they do not proliferate on their own. It means that you have to install them manually – and in most cases, users do it unwillingly without even realizing it. It happens because such programs spread along with other free programs and usually users forget to alter installation settings; consequently, they lose the possibility to decompose software packs and reject unwanted “recommended programs” that are bundled with almost every free application. To decompose software packages, you should choose Custom or Advanced settings and deselect suggested downloads one by one. Perform this security check when installing ANY program, and you might never install potentially unwanted programs again. Iwebs.site hijack should not be ignored, so if you have installed this program already, follow instructions provided below and eliminate it from your computer.


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