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Secrets BackupGenie Is hiding from you

Though BackupGenie virus is not an actual cyber threat you should worry about, the program creators have been receiving a lot of negative criticism  online for supposedly running a deceptive business. Some security blogs deem this program as a nagware, because it actively and, sometimes, intrusively pushes its customers into purchasing its weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions. Nevertheless, the creators promise that the paid service will ensure more advanced backup abilities and increase program’s operation speed.

Some of BackupGenie reviews on the web confirm such claims, but there are also other users, who question the program and suggest there might be something off about it. Led by such controversial opinions, 2-spyware team has decided to conduct an analysis and test this program out themselves. Before we get into the analysis, we should emphasize that if you ever feel that the program you have installed works against you, you should scan your device with Reimage or similar sophisticated virus detection tool. Even if the program is not malicious and the anti-malware does not detect it, but you still feel dissatisfied with it, you have all the rights to eliminate it. Same goes in case of BackupGenie removal.

So, what we have found during the supposed “BackupGenie malware” investigation. The free version of the program, as well as its premium version, can be downloaded from the official website or its partners’ sites. Nevertheless, this program is also distributed with the help of an online marketing strategy called bundling which means that the user who claim it to have “hijacked” their computers against their will have probably installed it together with other freeware or shareware applications.

When it comes to program’s setup on the computer, we should note that before the program can be put to use, you have to sign up on BackupGenie website and bind your device with your online account. The software developers ensure that the program is supported by a wide range of operating systems and devices, including Windows, iOS, OS X, Android, Nokia and even Kindle. Once the program is installed, it allows the user to choose between the “Advanced” or “Custom” backup regimes: allowing the backup of the whole system in the first, and saving copies of manually selected files in the latter.

The backup process itself takes some time, but after it is done, you can review the files on BackupGenie cloud online. The program is fully customizable, allows scheduling system backup and a variety of other options. What concerns us the most is the site’s Terms of Use and Privacy settings. After closely investigating these two documents under the Content Review Policy and Procedure section, we have found claims that the BackupGenie staff can review and delete your stored data without previously informing the user about such actions:


Author: WITS Curators

Bo Washington is a Certified Computer Specialist and the owner and operator of Washington IT Solutions, a local Bartlesville computer repair company. He has been fixing computers since the late 90's and has clocked up thousands of hours performing hardware upgrades, system builds, software installations, virus and spyware removal using the most up to date techniques and general computer services.

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