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directionswhiz-toolbar-illustratedf you enter a phrase directions whiz toolbar virus into your web search and you would be presented with numerous blog posts, cyber security websites and IT news sites discussing the program’s suspicious features and providing various DirectionsWhiz Toolbar removal solutions. The truth is — this program is no virus. It yet another creation of a legitimate software developer IAC Applications (previously known as Mindspark) which has already released various applications for the browser, desktop and mobile devices including FromDocToPDF creator, WeatherBlink app, Slim Cleaner optimization software and a bunch of applications for iOS. The reason it is so poorly evaluated by the users and even some security experts mainly stems from the programs’ tendency to appear on the computer without permission. Well, it is only partially true. The program does not hijack the systems by brute force like some of the malicious viruses do. In fact, the users play a significant part in letting this program on their computer themselves, but more about this later. Let us first discuss what this application actually is, how it acts on the computers and disclose the factors that make it a potentially unwanted guest on the computer. Though this program is not malicious, you may always check your computer with antivirus tools, say Reimage, to make sure your system is not in danger.

So what this particular app is all about? Well, in the most general terms, it is a browser extension that may be added to the Web engine to improve the quality of daily browsing or general computer use. The benefit of this specific browser add-on is that it provides a quick and convenient access to the driving directions and maps, this way allowing the user to navigate and browse the web simultaneously. Unfortunately, the users who install DirectionsWhiz on their computers willingly, or the ones who find this extension already set up on their browsers, unanimously claim that it brings nothing but trouble. They report a considerable increase of online advertising, unexpected redirects and even changes in the browser’s homepage and default search engine. In fact, the software developers inform about potential data collection and affiliations in the site’s Terms of Service:


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Bo Washington is a Certified Computer Specialist and the owner and operator of Washington IT Solutions, a local Bartlesville computer repair company. He has been fixing computers since the late 90's and has clocked up thousands of hours performing hardware upgrades, system builds, software installations, virus and spyware removal using the most up to date techniques and general computer services.

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