The No More Ransom Project

No More RansomHave a recovery system in place so a ransomware infection cant destroy your personal data forever. Its best to create two back-up copies: one to be stored in the cloud (remember to use a service that makes an automatic backup of your files) and one to store physically (portable hard drive, thumb drive, extra laptop, etc.). Your back up copies will also come in handy should you accidentally delete a critical file or experience a hard drive failure.

Cyber-criminals use a variety of attack methods to deliver ransomware to their victims machines. Some of the most frequent include drive-by downloads, malicious URLs embedded in email messages that download ransomware, or attachments to email messages that infect the victims systems with ransomware. Often, these infections are the results of phishing attacks.

Intel Security believes that an open and integrated system best enables organizations to effectively block threats like ransomware. Our hybrid, integrated approach unites endpoint and cloud controls to deliver anti-malware, data protection, and web security managed through a single, centralized platform. This reduces fragmentation, allows for security automation, and enhances our customers ability to combat ransomware attacks more effectively with less effort.

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange combines threat information sources and immediately notifies all other integrated products (including third-party products) to be aware of newly identified ransomware across endpoints, gateways, firewalls, and networks.

Furthermore, all of Intel Security’s products including consumer products leverage McAfee Global Threat Intelligence. This always-on, cloud-based threat intelligence service enables accurate protection against known and fast-emerging ransomware by providing threat determination and contextual reputation metrics.

Author: WITS Curators

Bo Washington is a Certified Computer Specialist and the owner and operator of Washington IT Solutions, a local Bartlesville computer repair company. He has been fixing computers since the late 90's and has clocked up thousands of hours performing hardware upgrades, system builds, software installations, virus and spyware removal using the most up to date techniques and general computer services.

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