Torvalds Blows Stack Over Buggy New Kernel

Linux creator Linus Torvalds this week apologized for including in the just-released Linux 4.8 kernel a bug fix that crashed it.

The bug the dev was trying to fix has existed since Linux 3.15, “but the fix is clearly worse than the bug … since that original bug has never killed my machine,” Torvalds wrote.

The message became increasingly acrimonious, as Torvalds displayed the temper for which he’s notorious.

No Excuse

“I should have reacted to the damn added BUG_ON() lines. I suspect I will have to finally just remove the idiotic BUG_ON() concept once and for all, because there is NO F*CKING EXCUSE to knowingly kill the kernel. Why the hell was that not a warning?” he fumed.

Torvalds acknowledged he was “grumpy,” adding that “this went in very late in the release candidates, and I had higher expectations of things coming in through Andrew.”

The reference presumably was to Andrew Morton, one of the Linux kernel’s lead developers.

“Adding random BUG_ON()s to code that clearly hasn’t had sufficient testing is *not* acceptable, and it’s definitely not acceptable to send that to me after rc8 unless it has gotten a *lot* of testing, which it clearly must not have had,” Torvalds continued.

“I’ve ranted against people using BUG_ON() for debugging in the past. Why the f*ck does this still happen? And Andrew – please stop taking those kinds of patches! Lookie here:


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